November 10, 2016

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A multimedia concert devoted to media culture and cinema. Prof Carlos Monagas, in his position as movie historian and musician, has performed this concert twice at the Cesar Rengifo Theatre, in Merida, Venezuela, with the help of important local musicians:

12 de junio 2009 Closing act for Fábrica Audovisual.

29 de noviembre 2012  Anniversary 10th of the Audiovisual Media School of the University of Los Andes.


Drums and acoustic guitar: Carlos Monagas

Piano y keyboards: Heidi Balza

Bass guitar: José Antonio Gil

Female vocals: Nirvana Guerra

Male vocals: Javier Ramírez

Electric guitarJavier Alarcón

Saxophone: Umberto Calderón

Trumpet: Alberto Bermúdez

Cello: William García

Violin: Bany Graterol

Others episodes the El Dorado

Genre: Comedy

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