A coin for the Passion of the Christ

It is not new to say that cinema is one of the most effective transmission channels for values and culture in current society. And the interests on this media are even bigger when we know that cinema is one of the main entries for the gross domestic product in some countries. Just by saying that […]

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About Carlos Rebolledo

“A true verification of quest, of truly engagement with the filmmaking and with the public, without bounds or neither ideological nor commercial concessions” Alfonso Molina about “Alias el Rey del joropo” 1978   Carlos Rebolledo is a filmmaker with few Works, but he is a man with a long trajectory. He was the one who […]

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The gifts of comedy

The cult to laugh is my first religion. That is why I go to the temple of cinema, usually when I know there is a comedy film in the billboard. To be a critic and judge with a long yardstick the comedians is easy, especially because we see them making a fool of themselves. Yet, […]

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Chronics of the Erotic Film and the fight against censorship

By Carlos Monagas   Take out nature through the door, and it will come back through the window. Sex as a topic is present in cinema from its origins. Censorship is behind it, of course.  One of the first censorships of cinema was for the not-so-artistic Thomas Alva Edison. When he just invented his kinetoscope, […]

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