Performing arts

TRIBUTE TO CINEMA CONCERT  A multimedia concert devoted to media culture and cinema. Prof Carlos Monagas, in his position as movie historian and musician, has performed this concert twice at the Cesar Rengifo Theatre, in Merida, Venezuela, with the help of important local musicians: –12 de junio 2009 Closing act for Fábrica Audovisual. –29 de […]

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The Arepa

LA AREPA (The Corncake) Synopsis: “La arepa” is a documetary that explores this traditional staple meal, going back to the origins of domesticated corn, up to the oral traditions of the Venezuelan Ayaman Indians. The wheat cake, the “espigado”, different types of fillings and the arepera culture in Venezuela and abroad.     Credits Direction […]

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Musical Laboratory

The Drum Set       Musical Laboratory          Episode 2 The Piano      Musical Laboratory Carlos Monagas interviews important performers and teachers for the “Laboratorio Musical” series.   Musicians: Pablo Gil                          Abigail Romero             […]

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A coin for the Passion of the Christ

It is not new to say that cinema is one of the most effective transmission channels for values and culture in current society. And the interests on this media are even bigger when we know that cinema is one of the main entries for the gross domestic product in some countries. Just by saying that […]

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Cinema history television series 19 episodes, 45 min ea. Hosted and directed by Carlos Monagas 2002-2006 (Episode 16)          20th Century Vanguard cinema.  History of cinema

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